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Diversity: the art of thinking independently together (Malcolm Forbes)

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive research workforce that bridges race, geography, gender, and cultural background. In our lab and community, we strive to foster a culture that welcomes differences, encourages creative thinking, motivates team work, and nurtures world-class scientists.  

Courses taught by Arnab:

Model-guided Engineering of Biological Systems (CHE 174/274), Spring 2020-current
Statistical Techniques in Chemical Engineering (CHE 132C), Winter 2019-current
Tools and Techniques in Biomolecular Science (BIOE 210), Fall 2022-current
Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering (CHE 132B), Fall 2020-21
Introduction to Biochemical Engineering (CHE 171), Spring 2018-19
Transport Processes (CHE 120B), Winter 2018
Advanced Theoretical Methods in Engineering (CHE 230A), Fall 2017, 2019

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